Waste Management

Access the newest technology of food waste management.

Cost Reduction

Eliminate as much as 8 million pounds of food waste per year on site while cutting your food waste processing costs with innovative, automated technology. The system’s aerobic technology and easy operation reduces overall labor costs and conventional garbage hauling expense. In conjunction with other features and benefits, the digesters effectively turn your waste management into a worry free, financially advantageous process.

+ The aerobic technology revolves around the proprietary Exbio Enzyme 159 Catalyst and Bio Star Accelerator.

Economical Sustainability

Improve the hygiene of your work environment with eco-friendly systems that continue to serve as the economical solutions for food waste management and disposal in a variety of markets. With the system’s technology, eliminate the solid waste output associated with your operation. By doing so, reduce food waste disposal in conventional landfills, greenhouse gases, especially Methane, and ground water contamination.

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Reduce Expenses

Lower Footprint

Food Conversion

Lab Tested

Bacteria Control

Sustainable use

Early Return

Continuous Feed

Load Calculation

Digester Series

Following the digester installation, your operation can immediately begin to reap the benefits of this technology. Remove labor costs associated with food waste disposal and expenses ranging from dumpster to disposable costs. Eliminate backdoor shrink vulnerability. Prevent bacteria, pest and odor buildup. Additionally, guarantee a return on investment in the first couple of years of attainment. Through a simple process, convert your food waste into grey water and into an additional source of revenue. 

System Installation

Microbes Dispensed

Input Food Waste

waste Decomposition

Grey Water Discharge