Microgrid conversion

Ensure that your business has the most efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable power supply.

Comprehensive Solution

Reap the benefits of a fully financed and turn-key technology suite that integrates microgrids, onsite solar installation, and energy efficiency measures among other game-changing tools. 

+ This technology package is made specifically for business owners who are tired of power outages, high and continually rising utility bills, unnecessary shrink, and not generating additional revenues from new energy technologies.


Feasibility Analysis

Customer Commitment


Final Design

Competitive Procurement

Financing Structure

Key Permit





Long-term Operation and Management

Ongoing Optimization

Reporting and Savings Verification

Financially Transforming

Realize immediate positive cash flow with zero down. The savings you generate from the program will not only offset the installation costs but will also serve as an additional source of continuous revenue.

+ Transitioning your energy source to fuel cells will also guarantee that your current utility costs are cut drastically. Acquiring your own independent and reliable power supply will ensure that your operation is running smoothly in the midst of wide-scale power outages.

Utility Territory

Operations located in utility territories PG&E, LADPW, and SDGE are eligible for all the services of this program. Those located in SCE territory are completely eligible for other comparable energy management and efficiency suites.