Customer Experience

Ensure that the needs of your customers and business are being met in real-time through a variety of digital platforms

Improve your customer service, reviews, and reputation.

Real-time Interactions

Receive customer feedback instantly through chat, phone call, email, photos, and videos, from anywhere, communicating directly with the customer to ensure their problems are solved before leaving the store and leaving a review. Additionally, grant customers the ability to have their concerns handled without having to directly talk to employees, especially in the midst of Covid-19. Customers will also have the ability to submit feedback anonymously.

Internal Management

Utilize a feedback management portal in which administrators can categorize feedback by keywords or status, identifying the most frequent types of problems within your operation. Employees can use this platform to communicate with other employees and management, especially regarding issues they identify during their time in store. 

+ New feature allows designated department heads to automatically receive feedback specific their area, role, and responsibility, maintaining employee accountability throughout the store.

Register your business with Feedback
Inform your customers about the instant Feedback system in your establishment
Let customers use Feedback to tell you about their experiences in real time
Designated employees will be instantly notified when Feedback is sent by customers

Customer Growth

Feedback improves your positive reviews and reputation online. Reviews under four stars submitted through the platform are provided and visible only to the business. Only perfect and outstanding reviews are submitted to the popular review platforms of your choice. The portal’s records of customer feedback allows you to capitalize on contact information for expanding marketing and loyalty programs.

Simple Process

Customers can freely and effortlessly submit Feedback with a quick scan of a QR code that can be positioned or advertised anywhere and through any medium. Designated employees will receive the customer feedback instantly and to further simplify the customer and employee interaction, they can set and respond with pre-canned messages.

+ Easily tailor the portal and the QR portion to your business with custom branding, featuring the name, logo, and other elements to promote your marketing efforts.