Clean Advertising

Acquire a cutting-edge, dynamic, eco-friendly, and ultra high-definition advertising platform for your business.

Mesmerizing Experience

Powered by Vu Digital Media, the High-Bright Supermarket Video Bench is an entirely new platform that seizes customer awareness and holds attention with a visually stunning advertising experience. This technology is the clean and eco-friendly media solution, maintaining the lowest carbon footprint of any retail media.

Mini Digital Billboards

The placement of this platform at storefront and at high-traffic environments guarantees the exposure of your wide array of advertisements and brand promotions to masses of consumers on a daily basis. Only requiring a minimal amount of unused floor, generate significant revenues from small, unmonetized space. 

Weather Proof

24/7 Uptime


Sustainable Use


Integrated CMS

Additional Revenue

Resilient Build

4K Video + HD Audio

Mini Digital Billboards

Deliver the right message at just the right time, fitting branded content to the specific time of day or season. Additionally, influence last minute and impulse buys on a constant basis with uninterrupted brand promotion through high-definition segments or full commercials.