This technology is the clean and eco-friendly advertising solution, maintaining the lowest carbon footprint of any retail advertising practices.

Generate additional sources of revenue with digital advertising benches.

Increase foot traffic with eye-catching, dynamic platforms.

Technology Features and Benefits

Weather Proof

24/7 Uptime


Sustainable Use


Integrated CMS

Additional Revenue

Resilient Build

4K Video + HD Audio

Impact Resistant

High-Density Compression Hardwood Seat with Anti-Vandal IK10 Shatter Resistant Glass

Weather Proof

Guaranteed protection against water and dust penetration and extreme heat and cool

Branding and Customization

Retailer and supermarket branding with a whole new dimension of creative flexibility.

Mini Digital Billboards​

Deliver the right message at just the right time, fitting branded content to the specific time of day or season. Influence last-minute and impulse buys consistently with uninterrupted brand promotion through high-definition segments or full commercials.