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Cost-Effective Technology

Designed to address every consideration for a perfect hygiene zone, these systems exemplify hygiene excellence in a broad range of markets. Systems range from compact single use equipment to industrial grade systems for high volume traffic.

+ Multiple enhancement options are available to each line, including footwear hygiene and controlled access, in order to fit the needs of a variety of market applications.

Technology Features and Benefits

Standard Compliance

Sanitary Facility

Sustainable use

Flexible Placement

Ease of Use

Safe Handling

Automatic Water Control

Liability Reduction

Bacteria Removal

Quick and Efficient Hand Hygiene Solution

Immediately Remove Pathogens

The technology's spinning cylinders spray pressurized water and solutions evenly across all surfaces of the hands, removing 99.9% of harmful pathogens from the hands in just 12 seconds. This actively promotes a sanitary environment hostile to a wide array of diseases, including Covid-19. In turn, the CDC, FDA, and USDA have approved this method of washing for keeping up with their increasing regulatory standards.

Save Water and Cut Costs

The system uses 75% less water than a traditional sink, and in conjunction with the cylindrical form and cover of the hand slots, operational liability, caused by spills and leaks, is reduced significantly.

Make Hand Washing Fun and Easy

Photo eyes are integrated into each hand slot of the CleanTech® systems. When they detect motion, the wash cycle begins automatically. The simplicity of the process encourages people of all ages, origins, and abilities to improve their hygienic behavior.

Encourage Clean Behavior

Employees become more motivated to keep their hand washing consistent, especially among standard safe handling practices. As a result, store and operational shrink are decreased. Perishable handling by employees, especially occurring behind counters, such as store bakeries, delis and kitchens, is kept in compliance with regulatory hygiene and service standards, as these hand washing stations make hand hygiene effortless and efficient.