Solar Grid Systems for Stores

At zero cost down, install a comprehensive solar grid system to your store to generate renewable energy onsite and reduce energy costs and consumption.

The solar solution for grocery stores and restaurants

We have a comprehensive solar program that will ensure that your operation is reducing costs and energy where it can

Integrating and optimizing four primary energy systems

Onsite Solar

Allows your store to generate renewable energy and user cost savings

AI Battery Storage

Optimize your facility's use of energy during periods of peak demand to save energy consumption

Demand Response System

Allows your operation to generate ancillary revenues through demand management and peak adjustments

Energy Efficiency Measures

Reduce energy consumption and costs across the store's operational components including lighting, refrigeration, water controls, etc.

Only stores located in utility territories PG&E, LADPW, and SDGE are eligable for the microgrid program

Clean Technology Solution

Green Technology for Environmental Sustainability

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