With the help of our partners, we offer financing programs that will guarantee your technology needs are satisfied timely and economically.

As one of America’s leaders in financial services, Vend Lease Company guarantees their customers the highest quality of professionalism and services. With their assistance, you can enjoy a variety of benefits: minimal upfront costs; contracts are in plain English; agreements with multiple suppliers can be covered under one contract; financing can be applied to new and old equipment without restrictions; new purchases can be added to an existing contract hassle free; and contracts can be bought out early with a discount and no repayment penalty. Explore the complete list of advantages and services Vend Lease Company can bring to you and your business.
With CleanTech Plus, customers can split up their Meritech equipment purchases over 36 months without any financing fees. Additionally, in aim of helping businesses achieve their annual handwashing goals, this program provides customers with the necessary service, solutions, and equipment on a monthly basis to reach these handwashing goals. Learn about all the benefits you can reap with the program’s flat monthly rate.