Produce Bag Opening Technology

Assist customers in opening produce bags with finger spraying technology

Sensor Activated

Promotes Sanitary Behavior


Large Water Storage

Accompanies Universal Mounting Clips

Battery Powered

No Buttons to Push

Easily Assembles to Stands

Easy to Use


Suitable for Several Locations In-Store

Easy to Manage

Major Unsolved Issue in Supermarkets

Introducing MistyMr.

MistyMr. is a cutting-edge, sensor-activated misting technology that automatically dispenses deionized water on customers’ fingertips to assist in their grocery bag opening.

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Make Shopping Simple

Sensor detects motion

The sensor technology detects the customer's fingertips when placed below the device.

Device dispenses mist

The device immediately and automatically dispenses a small mist of deionized water on the fingertips.

Customer shops hassle-free

The customer's fingertips are damp enough to easily open plastic bags of all kinds.

Clean Design

Customers will easily recognize the use of this technology with the device’s hand symbol. The structure also shares characteristics with other widely recognized sensor-activated systems, so familiarity and ease of use is guaranteed with MistyMr.

Many Benefits for Supermarkets

Flexible Positioning

MistyMr. can be placed anywhere in-store, as it's able to easily assemble to a variety of stands, including Twist-Ease. The device will also be supplemented with special clips for universal mounting.

Sickness Prevention

Say goodbye to the unsanitary methods of plastic bag opening. Customers no longer have to lick their fingers to generate enough moisture for their fingertips to separate the opening of the plastic grocery bags, especially after touching several germ-infested items.

Money Maker

Retailers will often be shocked by how much revenue has been forgone due to customers simply not being able to open these plastic grocery bags. No one wants their apples to touch the bottom of the grocery cart. Of course, less produce sold translates to more leftover inventory and therefore higher inventory shrink. Prevent this from happening and help your customers make you money with a simple and new addition.

For the Long-Run

MistyMr. is powered by long-lasting and easily replaceable batteries. The structure is also constructed from very durable material and remains tamper-resistant. The device has large water storage so constant refilling is hardly necessary.

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