Microgrid Solution for Store Operations

At zero cost down, ensure that your store has the most efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable power supply.

Eliminate any risk of power outages and disruptions

Keep the power going in city wide blackouts

This program is especially beneficial for grocery stores and restaurants who accumulate massive inventory shrink due to frequent and unexpected losses of power.

Currently, only stores located in utility territories PG&E, LADPW, and SDGE are eligible for the microgrid program

Stores outside of these utility territories are eligible for our other solar program

The Program's Key Benefits

Reliable Flow of Power

100% self-sufficiency and resiliency against the grid.

Zero Cost Down

No upfront cost and 100% financing is available

Generate Cost Savings

No upfront cost and 100% financing is available

Great Return on Investment

The project averages a 3x savings to investment ratio

Before installation, receive a no cost preliminary design and pro-forma on your store

You'll see exactly how the microgrid program will benefit your operation among other key metrics

Sizing and costing of fuel cells, rooftop solar and battery storage system

Design of the energy efficiency measures to your facility's dimensions and custom features

Planning and valuation of demand response ancillary revenues and subsidies applicable to your project and territory

Construction of a cash flow analysis specifying IRR, SIR, simple payback, total savings, net savings, impact of subsidies, project amortization, etc.

Clean Technology Solution

Green Technology for Environmental Sustainability

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