Available Energy Solutions

Gas and Cardlock service

Repair, maintenance, and cleaning services for gas and cardlock fueling stations.
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Energy Generation

Produce renewable energy onsite, reducing your utility costs and generating additional revenue
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Microgrid conversion

Ensure that your business has the most efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable power supply.
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Our Guaranteed Services

Cost and revenue analysis

Integrating clean energy systems into one platform to advance financial and environmental gains

Onsite Solar

generates onsite renewable energy and user cost savings

AI Battery Storage

optimizes facility utilization of energy during peak demand and saves energy use

energy efficiency

reduces energy consumption and facility energy costs

demand response

allows users to generate ancillary revenues through demand management and peak adjustments.

Lower utility costs

fixed power pricing

immediate Savings

zero out of pocket costs

Comprehensive one-stop shop

Make installation quick, easy, and worry-free

Onsite Solar Solutions

Directly offset the use of the utility grid with rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems. With decreasing panel pricing and federal investment credits, generate substantial savings at zero cost down. These savings will finance any upgrades and roof replacements necessary.

Demand Response

With a demand response system, drop non-critical energy loads during periods of high utility demand and generate recurring revenues as a result.

Battery Storage

With the addition of an automated battery storage system, reduce the energy used during hours of peak demand. Store affordable power for use during utility spikes. Keep power during city-wide power outages and avoid any business interruption.

Energy Efficiency

Incorporate energy efficiency measures for energy and cost conservation. Efficiency and conservation retrofits can be applied to lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, and water controls. Following installations, generate savings and varying rebates through these mechanisms.

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feasibility analysis

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Your business will undergo four phases to ensure a successful clean energy launch

Cash flow

Start generating savings and additional revenues with improved utility conditions