Supermarket Advertising

At zero cost down, place supermarket advertising video benches in front of your grocery store to generate your business significant additional revenue.

What are Supermarket Video Benches?

Supermarket Video Benches are new, dynamic advertising platforms built with ultra hi bright, high-definition digital display and speakers to deliver full motion video ads in high traffic environments.

How Can Supermarket Advertising Video Benches Help You?

Supermarket Video Benches will generate additional revenue for your operation. Among its mesmerizing advertising delivery, this technology incorporates many other tools to increase revenue streams across the board.

Generate More Revenue from Advertisers

Program commercial ads to deliver a CPG campaign to specific times of the day, specific days of the week, and specific audiences throughout the day.

Custom Store Branding

Customize the style of the Supermarket Advertising Video Bench to match your brand, marketing campaigns or surrounding environment.

Engage Arriving Shoppers to Increase Sales


Establish connection with the local community, providing local public service announcements (PSAs), event and fundraiser promotions, among user generated content, including customer testimonials, how-to's, purpose drive, messaging, and crisis relay.

Your Own Store Digital Billboard

Greet arriving shoppers, highlight daily specials, launch new products, broadcast news bulletins, promote shopper loyalty program membership with your own custom store digital billboard at every grocery store.

Beacon Capabilities

Utilize the Video Bench's beacons to transmit targeted information and coupons to shoppers' mobile devices.

Grocery stores place the beacon-equipped HD Video Benches at the store entrances.

The beacons automatically connect to the Customer's Bluetooth enabled phone.

The beacons send a signal to the customer's phone and the app is opened.

Grocery stores directly communicate products, offers, and store information,

Advertise the Whole Way

The Supermarket Video Advertising Benches effectively communicate purchasing opportunities throughout the entire consumer journey.

Store Entry

Perfectly positioned at the storefront, the video advertising benches capture the attention of arriving customers and passersby with a mesmerizing HD video and audio advertising experience.

Throughout the Store

While the video advertising benches broadcast CPG commercials on screen, they can deliver coupons for current store specials onto the mobile phones of shopping customers.

Store POS and Checkout

The video advertising benches directly communicate product offers to increase impulse buys and brand reach at the right moment to take advantage of last minute opportunities to boost sales.

Weather and Seasonal Retentive Marketing

Motivate impulse purchases and increase basket size by utilizing weather and seasonal conditions to promote the right products and sales specials at the right time.

Morning Time

Lunch Time

Dinner Time


Data Capture

The Supermarket Video Advertising Benches have built-in features that allow you to capture specific data to contribute to campaign intelligence and sales efforts.

Impressions measure how many people are in front of the screens. The Supermarket Video Advertising Benches capture impressions from up to 90 feet.

Demographics include Four Age Groups and Gender. The Supermarket Video Advertising Benches capture demographic data from as far as 50 feet.

Real time content analytics allow for instant ad targeting with real-time measurements for campaign benchmark insights, targeting, and optimization.

Clean Advertising Technology

Green Technology for Environmental Sustainability

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