Clean Advertising Technology

Generate significant additional revenue at zero cost down with clean advertising technology

Eco-Friendly Technology for Store Advertising

These store advertising video benches have the lowest carbon footprint of any retail media, eliminating the need to use store advertising materials that become the trash that packs landfills:

Printed Inserts

Base Wraps

Window Posters

Ceiling Banners

Floor Decals

Header Cards

Wall Banners

Shelf Strips

Save on Advertising Costs by Going Green

You no longer need to dispose of expensive in-store advertising materials on a recurring basis, especially when a new ad campaign arises or advertising efforts shift focus.

The store advertising video bench can easily integrate all the functions of the printed ad materials listed above and more.

Following the placement of the video bench, you can say goodbye to recurring and climbing advertising costs, printed advertising materials going to the landfills, and some of the outdated ways of in-store advertising.

Promote Environmental Sustainability by Going Digital

The store advertising video bench has several capabilities that effectively influence and accelerate the customer purchasing cycle. Most importantly, paper or printed material has no involvement whatsoever since the video benches only target the most popular digital platforms among your customer base for the store's advertising.

The video bench significantly improves the ability for shoppers to take advantage of coupons and specials. As a result, an increasing proportion of your customer base will start to favor the digital methods of couponing, given the ease and not having to touch anything else to take advantage of the discount. When there is less of a need for printed materials, there is less of a need to buy them in the first place. This clean advertising platform only emphasizes clean (eco-friendly), paperless interactions.

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