MistyMr. Makes Opening a Produce Bag Easy and Safe

MistyMr. Makes Opening a Produce Bag Easy and Safe

Have you ever struggled to open a plastic bag and wondered, “Why haven’t we figured out how to open a produce bag easily?” With all the innovative technology out there, you’d think that someone would have come up with a solution that’s better than licking your fingers (gross) and easier than rubbing the layers of the bag together (primitive).

Well, you can finally stop wondering when! Because MistyMr. has finally arrived.

MistyMr. is a cutting-edge sensor-activated misting technology that automatically dispenses deionized water on your customers’ fingertips to assist in their ability to open plastic grocery bags and produce bags.

That’s right, no more licking fingers or struggling to rub, pinch, and pull the layers of the bag apart. MistyMr.’s technology makes separating a plastic grocery bag easy, hassle-free, and (most importantly) SAFE.

Issues with Other Produce Bag Opening Solutions

Let’s dive right into this, shall we?

One of the worst produce bag opening solutions is the finger-licking method.

It has never been acceptable to lick your fingers while you’re out in public (unless, maybe, you’re eating a delicious plate of chicken wings). When you lick your fingers, you quickly introduce millions of bacteria into your system that can cause illness. Not to mention, you’ll be spreading your mouther germs all over the place, too!

Although most people know that licking your fingers in public has always been a no-no, that rule has become more obvious and important during the pandemic. It has become all too apparent that saliva doesn’t just carry bacteria – it carries disease, too.

This means that every time you or your customers licks their fingers to open a grocery bag, there could be communicable illnesses spread around. Even if it’s something as simple as the common cold, no one wants to get sick!

Avoiding the finger-licking method for opening grocery bags is one of the easiest ways you can protect yourselves, your customers, and your neighbors.

Next up, we have the rubbing, pinching, and pulling method.

This method is definitely safer than the finger-licking method, and some people might argue that it’s more effective. But if you’ve ever seen someone (or been the person) wrestling with a plastic bag in the produce section and losing… you know this is not true.

The friction method might work like a breeze in some instances, but there are stubborn plastic bags out there that just don’t want to open up (like some people you might know). This can be extremely frustrating when your customers are in a rush, carrying a bunch of items, or if they’re already in a grumpy mood. Look, we get it – the inability to complete a simple task sometimes feels like enough to be the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Thankfully, there is a solution. MistyMr. is here! He will help shield you and your customers from disease and get through those days when you don’t have the energy to fight a losing battle with a plastic produce bag.

Let’s uncover some of MistyMr.’s secrets that make him one of the best produce bag opening solutions.

How to Open a Produce Bag in a Few Simple Steps with MistyMr.

We understand that opening a produce bag is a relatively simple task. We aren’t here to patronize anyone! But we want to let you know that the task can be even simpler and – most importantly – safer.

No germs, no struggle.

Here’s how MistyMr. works:


MistyMr. looks just like many of the hand sanitizer stations you’ve seen in stores. The water dispenser sits atop a stand that is just the right height for most people to use easily. There is a drip tray beneath the dispenser to catch extra water droplets, so you are never left with a puddle.

MistyMr. has a customizable ad board where you can display your shop’s name, store policies, or deals of the week. The dispenser can be placed anywhere in the store, so you can highlight different deals of the week and move MistyMr. to the appropriate section.


Just like many hand sanitizer dispensers, MistyMr. is activated by motion. When a customer places their hand underneath the dispenser, a motion detector will let MistyMr. know that it’s time to dispense a small spray of deionized water.


The small amount of deionized water will moisten a customer’s fingertips just enough to allow them to easily open produce bags or grocery bags. As a result, you can stop your customers from having to lick their fingers after touching several germ-covered items during a pandemic.

Moreover, your establishment can develop a reputation for having a safe, comfortable, and healthy shopping environment, which will bring better reviews and more customers to your store!

MistyMr. by Misting Technology

MistyMr. was developed by Misting Technology, a company committed to bringing innovative technologies to big-box retailers, independent supermarkets, and small grocers to promote safer environments and easier shopping.

Get your MistyMr. today!

To learn more about Misting Technology and MistyMr., or to purchase MistyMr. for your grocery store, please visit

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