The 100% Organic SilverSmart Mask

The 100% Organic SilverSmart Mask

When it comes to protecting yourself from COVID-19, masks are essential—but some masks are better than others. With its viral protection, comfort, and sustainability, the 100% organic SilverSmart mask rises above the average mask.

The SilverSmart mask takes viral protection to the next level. It is coated with a plant- based water repellent solution, which helps keep sneeze droplets away. By reducing moisture, this coating helps the SilverSmart mask last longer than other masks. The coating also lasts up to 20 washes, which ensures you will be protected from lingering sneeze droplets for many wears.

Superior comfort matches efficacy for the SilverSmart mask. Wearing masks can lead to “maskne,” which is more than a funny term; moist skin is an annoying side effect of masks, and frequently causes irritations. The SilverSmart mask combats moisture with its organic fabric and water repellent solution, helping to keep maskne at bay. In addition to reducing moisture, organic fabric is also more breathable and comfortable on the skin. The ear loops as well are made of soft fabric, which ensures comfort for long-term wear.

SilverSmart’s organic material goes beyond comfort—it works toward sustainability. When SilverSmart witnessed employees being exposed to toxic chemicals at a cotton farm, they promised to be organic. The masks are made of 100% organic material, which means they go above and beyond the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) of 90% organic fibers. Being organic protects farmers from harmful chemicals, and it protects wearers from potentially breathing in any of those chemicals. In addition to giving people a safer experience, SilverSmart’s GOTS status reduces chemical byproducts released from fabric production, which in turn helps the environment.

With SilverSmart, you can mask up and leave a positive impact. This is why Clean Planet Solutions is working with SilverSmart to bring more awareness to these masks among the American public. Clean Planet Solutions wants people to stay safe but believes this does not have to come at the cost of the environment or comfort. Say goodbye to disposable, moist, itchy masks, and say hello to soft, sustainable, and safer
SilverSmart masks.

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