100% organic masks

Protect your employees and customers with ethically made, sustainable, long-lasting, and comfortable face masks.

Introducing a 100% organic, GOTS certified, water repellant, viral combatant with our partners: SilverSmart Masks.


Made with 100% Organic Cotton

SilverSmart Masks are “Global Organic Textile Standard” certified, meaning that at least 70% of the textile fibers are organic. This certification also ensures that chemical input is limited during the production process of the textiles, protecting our environment and promoting sustainability.

The mask’s organic Fabric is less irritating to the skin, comfortable to wear, breathable, and naturally keeps away moisture, which helps prevent “maskne”.

The mask has an exponentially longer use-life due to the organic water repellent coating that surrounds the surface of the mask.

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Perfect for Retailers

Tailored to Your Needs

Bulk orders, ranging from 100 to 100 million, will always be met on time.

Exact specifications will always be accommodated, from branding to colors.

Comes in attractive packaging, making it great for sale and employee or customer gifts.

Ideal for All Businesses

+ Promotional Product Distributors

+ Commercial Screen Printers

+ Businesses in Need of Unbranded Masks

+ Small Specialty Stores

+ Ecommerce Stores

Large Companies in Need of Unbranded Masks For Employees or Customers

Large Specialty Stores That Resell Packaged Masks to Consumers

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