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Generate extra cashflow and advance your operations with Clean Planet Business Solutions Energy Solutions Technology Solutions Cleaning Solutions

Coronavirus: How Clean Planet Solutions Can Help

Ensure your workplace safety with 100% organic face masks.


Automated Hygiene

Create a healthier and safer work environment through advanced, automated cleaning systems.​

Clean Advertising

Acquire cutting-edge and ultra high-definition advertising platforms for your business.

Waste Management

Gain access to the most economical food waste management and disposal technology.

Pathogen Removal

Protect your business from harmful pathogens with the effective air purification systems.​

Customer Experience

Ensure customer satisfaction in real time through a variety of digital platforms.

Green Marketing

Improve your competitive edge as a sustainability-focused operation.

Energy Generation

Generate renewable energy onsite while reducing operational energy cost and consumption.

Microgrid Conversion

Guarantee that your business has the most efficient and uninterruptible power supply.

Commercial Cleaning

Maintain a clean work environment for the safety and success of your business. 

Sanitary Misting

Guarantee a safe and comfortable shopping experience with new misting technology.

Fueling Station service

Repair, maintenance, and cleaning services for gas and cardlock fueling stations.

Learn about our role and mission in merging enterprise with sustainability.

Retailer Green Initiative

We have officially partnered with the National Grocers Association to expand the use of eco-friendly solutions in big-box and independent supermarkets throughout the United States.